Perchè avere un blog?

What is the single greatest point of value you receive from blogging?

E’ la domanda che CK, nell’omonimo blog, ha posto alla marketing community (cioè i lettori del suo blog).

I risultati del sondaggio sono stati riassunti un in bellissimo PDF.

Posto quelli che sono i top point of value, cioè quelli che ritengo più vicini ai miei….

I get to interact and learn from marketers that are smarter than I am, and get to test out/learn about viral marketing and community-oriented promotions firsthand.
Mack Collier

I’ll go with “Conversations” – the blog being a way to start and continue (but never end) conversations with other writers, thinkers, professionals, dreamers, and others out there, be they personal contacts, role models, or complete strangers.
David Berkowitz

Marketing innovation
The main benefit from blogging for me is to continue to keep up to speed with marketing innovation by connecting with thought leaders, structuring my ideas through posts and putting them to the test of the blogosphere, keeping abreast of web 2.0 developments and experimenting with new techniques such as viral marketing. I use this knowledge both internally to push marketing innovation at HP as well as externally, by speaking at conferences like the Dow Jones Technology Venture conference.
Eric Kintz

Self improvement
Blogging makes you better at what you do. Want to be a better writer? Blog. Be more creative? Blog. Blogging opens the door to knowledge through connectivity—and you get to meet wonderful people along the way. And as the saying goes, it’s about the journey more than the destination. And the journey never ends.
David Armano

Sharing insights
It’s the chance to touch someone with an observation or insight I might have that otherwise would vanish. We all have moments in our day when we see something interesting, have a novel thought or learn something new. We want to share but there’s often no one to share with. Now we can share with lots of people, maybe millions if the thought is interesting enough. What an incredible new power that its!
Paul Gillin

The creative outlet
Writing online (and, y’know, I just *hate* the term “blogging.” It sounds like a type of accidental intestinal malfunction) gives me the opportunity to get stuff off my chest that would otherwise sit around in my head. And yes, I’m egotistical enough to think other people would be interested in what’s in my head. Same as everyone else who’s ever left a comment on a site, gone to a BBS or newsgroup, or started their own blog. The web gives everyone an opportunity to speak out, and that rocks.
Adam Rakunas

I love the chance to learn by doing that blogging represents. My mantra: love, live, learn, lead…help each other to succeed. Corny but easy to remember 🙂
Bob Glaza

The ideas
It’s for the ideas … you get to work through your ideas as and when they come. Sometimes you get feedback, sometimes you get into arguments and sometimes you get nothing. But if you continue, then you ALWAYS get smarter.
Gavin Heaton

Organize my thoughts
I get a lot out of blogging, even if I tend to be one of the most erratic posters out there. The biggest thing for me is that it gives me a whiteboard to organize my thoughts. I find that I rarely have time to think in a day, and by committing what’s in my head to a post, I get past the cobwebs and into the deeper parts of my brain, where it turns out I’m more organized than I thought. Also, it gives me a mild thrill when someone cites my writing as expert opinion.
Ryan Anderson

Exchange of ideas
The exchange of ideas. Of course, I blog because I have a healthy respect for my own ideas and want to share them with others, but I get at least as much out of the feedback readers leave after reading my posts and the new ideas, opinions and points-of-view I learn about every day on the dozens of other blogs I follow. It is exciting to be part of a vibrant community that shares so much intellectual capital so freely.
Greg Verdino

[Via Church of the Customer Blog]


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