Quando la creatività ha un limite

Un cittadino tedesco (credo) dal nome asiatico, JianFeng Chen, ha avuto la spendida idea di proporre la vendita di spazi pubblicitari da posizionare in un uno dei piani delle Twin Towers virtuali che ha nel suo sito.

I prezzi:

Each floor is charged monthly. The rent is same as the number of that floor in US Dollar.
That is, if you rent the 18th floor on whichever Tower, Tower 1 or Tower 2, you pay $18 per month, respectively, 58th floor is $58 monthly, 108th floor is $108 per month, etc.

Simpatiche, per modo di dire, le FAQ. Ne riporto qualcuna:

Q: What is your WTC?
A: It’s the virtual WTC. It begins to exist when the WTC in NYC didn’t exist any more. It continues to embody the world peace and stands forever.

Q: What is the purpose of this website?
A: The site is dedicated to the WTC in NYC. The WTC will live on. Peace will win out and live on.

Q: Who can rent a floor?
A: Anyone, individuals or businesses who love the Twin Towers. However, it’s especially good for your e-business.

Q: Can I buy a floor?
A: Maybe. Please email me at rentafloor@yourWTC.com and we can discuss it.

Q: Where does the money go?
A: I need it badly for my living because I’m unemployed since I graduated from the University of Bremen one year ago, and still have a lot of debts because of education to pay off.
I use money for more life and inrease in something, for myself and for others.

Q: So who are you?
A: My name is Jeff Chen and I am living in Bremen, Germany. I majored in computer science. I also have strong interest in marketing and advertising. I am always on the lookout for business opportunities.

Mah… 😯 😯
[Via B.L. Ochman’s weblog]



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